My copy of Louise Hays book 'You can heal your life'

Louise Hays ‘You can heal your life’ is a self-help book thats quite hard hitting and has a ‘straight to the point’ format but is easy to understand. It clearly explains the theory behind each task and doesn’t put any time scale on task completion. It’s also good for having a read through before re-reading to take part in the tasks. The affirmations can be long so it would help to write them down as you go, so that you can read them when you feel like you need to distract yourself or feel like you need the support. Although this book is hard hitting, it does feel positive and has a gentle undertone. You really get a feel for Louise’s compassion and desire to help. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling with self-esteem, confidence or self-image as it has a lot of reflective work. … Read More

My well thumbed copy of The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is a light hearted, fun and enlightening book that will make you feel upbeat and positive. Like a good deep tissue massage – it will knead out those negative habits and give you the tools you need to be more positive and feel happier. I particularly recommend this book to anyone who feels they are ‘stuck in a rut’ or feel lost in life – whether its work, love, self-image or whatever this book can help shake you out of negative though patterns and give you that boost you need to take that big step towards the things you want or use it as the ‘sign’ that you’ve been waiting for!… Read More


Many people turn to the paleo diet to help with weight loss, well-being or to help manage a health condition. As a result they usually stick to this way of eating long term – even for life! As they go through the changes and learn to adapt they usually experience things such as negativity from friends or family and to begin with – food envy! Here are 10 experiences you’ll likely go through on long term paleo! … Read More

Cherry Chai Muffins (3)

These cherry chia seed muffins are so tasty and filling you could easily have one as breakfast on the go. They can be jazzed up with some chocolate chips or tweaked to make a different flavour – whatever your tastebuds, you’ll love thes muffins! … Read More

Kimberly Henderson article response

Ok so first of all I have to point out that you may be offended by the post you’re about to read … Then again, as it’s aimed at the ‘normal’ people in this world (a’hem – most of the population) so it really shouldnt, but if it does – Hey, I did warn you… Read More

Seasoning _ Cooking Steak

Join the Noodlechips Friday tradition and have super tasty seasoned steak with a rich, creamy sauce – and did I mention it is dairy free?! Whoop! … Read More

Baked Salmon in Tomato Salsa - Paleo

I hate to admit, I’m not a huge fish fan but this baked salmon dish in tomatoes is so super tasty that I actually ENOY it… Yep … Mini celebration dance, it’s up there with my favourite dishes (and did I mention it’s FISH! Wow, now there’s a first!) … Read More

Salmon in a Creamy Dairy Free Sauce, perfect served with Sweet Potato Mash and Roasted Veg

This is such a simple recipe to make and easy to adapt; If you dont like salmon you can sub for another type of filleted fish. If you dont like spicy food, then just alter the amount of paprika, chill and dijon mustard that you use. If you like onions – no problem, add as… Read More

'Yes to Carrots' Nourishing body wash and 'Yes  to Grapefruit' CC cream. Made from 95/ 96% natural ingredients with no parabens or SLS

Do you know what the ingredients are in your beauty products? Are you trying to lead a healthier lifestyle?… Eating clean, removing harmful foods and preservatives?… Well you might be shocked to findout that eliminating chemicals from the diet might just not be enough … It’s time to find out what’s really in those beauty products of yours! …… Read More

Paleo Lamb curry, served with cauli-rice, garnished with rose water, coconut cream and a sprinkle garam masala

Paleo Slow Cooker Lamb Curry This recipe is so easy to make and can be cooked in a large pan or left in the slow cooker (while you get to sit on the sofa and relax – yay!). The only ‘extra’ prep you’ll need to do if you go with the slow cooker method, is… Read More