Bone broth is not just simple – easy to make, it has many added health benefits. Without overwhelming you with all the details, I have listed some websites below where you can find out about these benefits. Either click on the website name (which will take you directly to the article) or google the website and search their site.


1 Mercola talks about the benefits of bone broth, take a look In Articles, archive 2013/12/16 bone broth benefits

2 Paleo Leap have an article called Eat this bone broth

3 Wellness Mama has an article called Bone broth benefits

I started making bone broth some time ago; I would save up the bones left over from roast dinners freeze them until I had enough to make a batch of broth. I would defrost them, then add them to a pan with some water and cider vinegar, then boil them for 24 hours. But I’ve come a long way since then as I’ve discovered an easier and more nutrient dense way to make it. I came across Paleogirl99 on Instagram when she shared a recipe for bone broth and her secret (ok, so it’s not really a secret) is Chickens Feet!!!! Euew!! She recommends using them as they help give the broth a more gelatinous texture – which is where many of the health benefits come from. Since then I’ve been buying and saving pasture chickens feet along with chickens necks and giblets and any other chicken bones I come across in my house (I collect leftover bones in a bag in the freezer). Once I have a big enough collection I make a batch of bone broth.

I don’t really follow a recipe as such, it’s just a case of chucking all the bones in to a large pan (or slow cooker), filling it up with water, a tbsp of cider vinegar and bobs your uncle! Leave for 48 – 72 hours and keep checking thought out. I usually add in extra water as it reduces. Once it’s done you’ll know by testing the bones – if you press gently on a bone with a fork and it crumbles then it’s done!

For storing I usually use silicon muffin moulds and some smaller plastic containers placed on to two baking trays. When the broth has cooled, I use a ladle and spoon it into the moulds/containers. Then I place the baking trays into the freezer and leave them to freeze. Once they have frozen, I take them out, pop them out of their moulds/containers and place into a large freezer bag and return to the freezer. When I need some stock for a recipe (for curry, soups etc) I just take one out and add it (frozen) into the recipe and as it heats, it melts.


1 large bag of bones Organic / pastured chicken bones – carcass, necks, giblets, feet etc.
1 tbsp cider vinegar*
1 large jug of Water

*the cider vinegar helps the bones to release gelatine


    1. If using a slow cooker place all bones into the bowl with the water (fill to the top/ highest fill line), the cider vinegar and cover. Turn onto low and leave for up to 72 hours.
    2. If using a large pan, follow the same method and place over a low heat/ flame. Keep checking every few hours and give it a stir.
    3. If needed, add in more water.
    4. When the bones are soft it’s ready (usually 24 hours +). A handy tip I have found to help, is to take a potato masher and ‘mash’ the bones up (Be careful when doing this as the liquid will be hot) I usually leave the bones a further hour after mashing them.
    5. Next, turn off the heat/ slow cooker and allow to cool. When cool enough use a ladle and pour the liquid into a large jug (or two) through a sieve.
    6. When it’s all been sieved pour the liquid into containers and freeze. You can keep some in the fridge to use (if you need it throughout the week or like to drink it) but ensure it’s used within 3-4 days.
    7. If you have a dog or cat you can keep the leftover meat and use it as pet food. It will be safe enough as the bones will be mushy.

Let me know how you get on if you decide to make some, or if you have any other tips or useful hits for getting the most out of your bone broth please let me know – i would love to hear about them


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