Everything you need to know… Ok, firstly I have to confess, this is not EVERYTHING you need to know about Chronic Lyme disease, but it’s close-a-bloody-enough! If you have just been diagnosed, know someone who has been diagnosed or think you may be suffering from it, then this article will help you. It explains… Read More

Louise Hays ‘You can heal your life’ is a self-help book thats quite hard hitting and has a ‘straight to the point’ format but is easy to understand. It clearly explains the theory behind each task and doesn’t put any time scale on task completion. It’s also good for having a read through before re-reading to take part in the tasks. The affirmations can be long so it would help to write them down as you go, so that you can read them when you feel like you need to distract yourself or feel like you need the support. Although this book is hard hitting, it does feel positive and has a gentle undertone. You really get a feel for Louise’s compassion and desire to help. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is struggling with self-esteem, confidence or self-image as it has a lot of reflective work. … Read More

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is a light hearted, fun and enlightening book that will make you feel upbeat and positive. Like a good deep tissue massage – it will knead out those negative habits and give you the tools you need to be more positive and feel happier. I particularly recommend this book to anyone who feels they are ‘stuck in a rut’ or feel lost in life – whether its work, love, self-image or whatever this book can help shake you out of negative though patterns and give you that boost you need to take that big step towards the things you want or use it as the ‘sign’ that you’ve been waiting for!… Read More

Do you know what the ingredients are in your beauty products? Are you trying to lead a healthier lifestyle?… Eating clean, removing harmful foods and preservatives?… Well you might be shocked to findout that eliminating chemicals from the diet might just not be enough … It’s time to find out what’s really in those beauty products of yours! …… Read More

  Ok, so the original plan was to have this article up on my blog in December last year as a build up to all your healthy New Years resolutions. The reality however is that for one reason or another (health related), it’s taken me until February to get this article together, but hey, better… Read More

All about ‘ME’ Ok, so this looks very big-headed, dramatic and ‘ooooh let’s talk about me darling!’ But it’s not. Ok, yes, actually it is but it’s not what you think! You see, the title of this post is a play on words because it IS about me, but the ‘ME’ also stands for Myalgic… Read More

Paleo For the last 9 months I’ve been following a stone age diet (very similar to a paleo diet) and its something I’ve really began to enjoy. I love knowing what’s in my food and trying different takes on standard recipes, not to mention the feeling I get when someone comments on how much they enjoyed… Read More

Let me begin by telling you a little about the You StreamZ medical band. I came across it last April- May on Pinterest. I had heard of magnetic bands before (such as copper bracelets), but this was described as much more than that, so I took a look at their website. streamz-global.com You StreamZ described… Read More

If you are one of the quarter of Brits that can survive on 4 or less hours of sleep a night, then you may not be interested in this article. However if you are one of the many who do struggle to nod off at the end of the day, then read on for some… Read More