Doctor Who Christmas TardisTo begin you need to make sure you have all the necessary tools and materials. The items I needed to make this were as follows:-

Craft knife and cutting mat
Hole punch
Double sided tape
3D foam pads
Needle and thread
Hole punch
Computer and printer
White card
Dark blue card
Black card
Silver card
Green card (I had 2 tone of green)
White paper
Silver bow
Very small gem stones
PVC glue
Holly stamp

Size and Measurements
Now I have not put any measurements on here as to the dimensions that I used and the simple explanation is that I wasn’t actually planning to write about it. (I was simply making a card for my friend, it was an unrelated conversation with another blogger on Google+ that made me decide to post it). Anyway, it shouldn’t really matter what size you choose to make your tardis as long as your card is in proportion.

1. To begin, I would recommend printing off a photo of a tardis, alternatively search for an image and save the photo (I did this on my iPad), that way you can refer back to it when you are working out your template and putting all the sections together.

2. I would recommend making a template of the whole card and all sections before you cut into your black/ blue card. When you have the whole card completed then use the templates to draw round. For the templates you can use paper but I used and would recommend using card. Start by drawing the outline of the tardis, bare in mind how big you want it to be and whether you will have an envelope or box, big/deep enough to send it in. Also consider if you are going to build up all of the doors, windows and roof. You can choose to only build up certain areas, such as just the door and windows or just keep it 2D.

3. The size of the doors will depend upon the size of your Tardis, they need to be 3/4 of the length of the card. Place these on top of the Tardis template then cut two more doors, half a cm smaller than the ones before; these will go on top of the doors. By doing this (two layers) it gives the card depth and you can use foam pads between the layers to make it 3D. You can choose to only do one layer, but if you do two, the first (larger) doors will be made from black card, and the smaller sized doors will be in blue. The black card is to give a kind of shadow/ depth look. If you only want to have one layer, you will be missing out the shadow, so remember to do the doors in Blue.

4. To Make the door panels, again the concept is similar to the doors where they have a black under layer to give depth. if you choose not to do this then you only need to make 8 panels for the door (in blue). If you want the depth/shadow effect you will need to make 8 panels in blue and 8 larger panels in black. I played about with scraps of card to work out the size of the panels.

5. Windows
The top left and right panels of the Tarids doors feature the windows. The easiest way to make these, is to print an image off (onto plain white card) and stick it onto the panels. Now I have to admit that my husband did this part for me. He also printed off the notice on the left hand door panel, the St Johns ambulance sign found on the right hand door and the ‘police box’ sign at the top. He did this by creating the images in PowerPoint then printing them off. You may have to print them off and resize the images a few times until you get them in the right proportions for your card.

6. Window panes
For the window frame you basically create a rectangle shape in PowerPoint on a new slide then fill the shape with black colour. Following this, create a new rectangle shape (filled white or light blue). This will be the used to make the 6 small window panes. Resize the shape until you have it small enough to fit onto the black rectangle (that you have just created). Copy and paste 5 more times so that you have 6 panes of glass.

You will need to mess about with the dimensions of the shapes to make sure it’s all symmetrical. Once you’re happy, highlight and copy the all the shapes in one go and paste to a word document then print. If the images is too small for your card, you may need to drag the shape about from the corners to resize according to the dimensions of your card.

7. For the ‘Police Box’ sign, use the same concept. Create a black rectangle in PowerPoint. Drop a text box on top of it. Type ‘Police Box’ change the font to white, resize the font according to your shape. Hit the space bar a few times so you get the spacing between the two words. Then, drop another text box Into the space between Police and Box. In this text box, type ‘public’ hit return and type ‘call box’. Same again, white font and make the font smaller. Print and again, you may need to play about with the sizing until you have it right.

8. For the St. John’s ambulance sign, copy the image from google images then drop into a word document and print. Again, if needing to resize, play about with the image until you are happy.

9. The roof
I chose to layer the roof to keep in theme with the rest of the card. I used the template to draw round the top part, stopping when I got to just above the doors. For the section where you place the ‘Police Box’ sign cut out a strip of card just a bit bigger than the sign in silver then cut another strip a bit bigger than this in blue. This will give the roof some more depth (you can leave out both these layers if you wish).

10. Light
For the light on top of the roof I didn’t make a template as it was such a small section. I cut out an extra ‘triangle -ish’ piece of card (in blue) and added 3 very small rectangles on to it (cut out in sliver) to give it the appearance of a light.

11. Door handle and key hole
Again I didn’t do a template for this section. I made the handle with a cut out piece of silver card and used a small hole puncher to make the key hole. I used a dot of PVA glue to stick these to the completed card.

12. Snow
I used white paper to make the snow, but didn’t make a template. I just drew a wavy line on paper and cut it out and used double sided tape to fix to the completed card.

13. Wreath
I didn’t make a template for the wreath as it was pain in the butt to do!!! I had to stamp a holly image onto different pieces of green card and cut them out. I cut out a ring of card and stuck all the holly leaves round the ring (using PVA glue) layering it up. When it reassembled a wreath I stuck a silver bow to the bottom and a few small green and red gem stones to look like berries. I used a foam pad to stick the wreath to the card.

14. Putting it all together
Draw around your templates onto the relative card and cut out carefully on a mat, using a craft knife and ruler. When you have cut everything out in the right card, it’s time to stick it all together.

15. Sticking order
– Stick the roof on first, then the doors/shadows
– Stick the shadows/door panels
– Add the windows, the St Johns Ambulance sign and the ‘notice’
– Stick the door handle and key hole
– On the roof, add any layers under the ‘police box’ sign (finishing with the sign)
– Add the triangle to the light on the roof and then the 3 little windows
– Add any snow and then the wreath (or other effects such as balloons maybe if you were making it as a birthday card rather than a Christmas card).

For any sections that you have layered, you can either stick the card on top of each other (using double sided tape) or use foam pads between each layer so that it makes the card 3D.

16. The Stand / Back
To make the Tardis stay upright I made a ‘stand’ like you get on the back of photo frame. I folded a piece of A4 card in half long ways, glued the two sides together (using double sided tape) and folded the card over by 1cm at the top. The 1cm piece will be stuck to the back of the card. Because the size of my cards this was the right height for my card to stand up straight (so from the side it gave a ‘V’ shape).

If you want to add a verse, do this before adding on the stand. The easiest way is to to type one on the computer and print it out, then take it (double sided tape) to the back. If you want to write on the back of the Tardis, the best way would be to use a nice gold or silver pen.


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