I bought this book at the same time as the ‘energy bites’ book which you can read about here. Energy Balls by Sophie Ryan is very similar, again it’s not a huge book and the cover is bright and colourful but the inside of this one is all in black and white. There are a total of 30 super tasty recipes for you to try and keep you energized. It isn’t a paleo cook book but again, like Energy Bites, it is based on clean eating and doesn’t use any processed foods or artificial flavourings.

With a total of 73 pages, it begins with a breakdown on super-food ingredients, explaining the benefits of each one. For example it talks about the nutritional value of eating avocados, coconut and coconut oil and nuts and seeds (to name a few!). Each recipe has a large (black and white) photo showing you what the finished item will look like and a page for the ingredients and method.

There are more sweet recipes than savoury and they include chocolate chip and peanut vitality boosts, cranberry and raisin power balls, zesty lime and coconut balls, coffee fitness bursts, lemon and blueberry energy bites, almond chocolate truffles and macadamia and coconut bites. Only one of the sweet recipes requires some cooking, one or two of them require chilling or leaving to soak for half an hour.

The Savoury recipes are beetroot falafels, broad bean bites, chia and mushroom savoury balls, fresh herb and sweet potato cakes, kale and cannellini bean balls, spiced quinoa and chickpea falafels and kale and chickpea bites. All of the savoury recipes require cooking at some stage or another.

What I like
I like this book a lot; it’s got a lot of great recipes using fresh ingredients. All of the recipes are relatively easy to make and don’t require much time to make them. I also like how the book gives a little bit of an explanation for the ingredients used (e.g. the nutritional values of the food groups used for the recipes).

Any Downsides?
The down side to this book is that it’s in black and white, which although it’s no major problem I think it would have been lovely if It had be printed in colour. Again like the Energy bites cookbook the recipes are not paleo but they are fairly easy to tweak to make them so (subbing the non-paleo ingredients for foods that are!). That said, many of the sweet recipes are actually paleo – it’s mainly the savoury ones that have beans in them, which are not paleo (or considered a grey area as they can cause gut issues). The book is also not low carb as many of the recipes use dried fruit which are a ‘low carbers’ enemy – Ha! That’s by no fault of the book – if you were low carb you probably wouldn’t purchase the book or if you did (like me) you would expect the recipes to need some tweaking.

All in all this book is a handy little book to have and most of the recipes are quick and easy to make. Although it’s not specifically paleo, the recipes are clean so it’s great for those wanting to make their own breakfasts/ snacks or post work out eats without any added nasties or excess sugar. I also think that some of the savoury recipes could easily be made (in larger portions) for lunchtime meals or as side dish at dinner time. Although as already mentioned, because it’s not very low carb friendly some of the recipes could be tweaked to make them so, but you would need to be confident to do so. In comparison to the energy bites book, there is less information on ingredients and how to adapt recipes but it’s main let down is that it’s printed in black and white, so overall I’m giving it a 4 starts out of 5.

You can purchase Energy Balls from Amazon for £2.99 (June 2016)

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**The above review is my own personal opinion and I purchased the book myself**


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