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First up before I go on to talk about this book I have to point out two things; number one – this recipe book isn’t Paleo and secondly it’s certainly not low carb!! However it’s a great little book and I thought it was really worth reviewing especially as it’s a real bargain too at £2.99!

Originally I found this book (along with another one which I will also review) on amazon when I was looking for recipe books using nuts and seeds as its main ingredients. A friend of my had recently made the switch to a clean eating diet and was struggling to find recipes using her newly purchased ingredients. So I purchased it (along with ‘Energy Balls’) and sent them to my friend for some much-needed inspiration. As it happened I ended up ordering myself the same two books – ha!! Some books with Amazon allow you to scroll through the pages and after taking a look, recipes sounded so good I couldn’t resist buying myself a copy.

Now it’s not a huge book, it has just 15 recipes and 61 pages in total but it’s beautifully laid out with great colourful photos. Although it’s not ‘technically’ paleo, pretty much most of the ingredients in the recipes are and they are all ‘clean’ made using fresh raw ingredients and nothing artificial added.

It begins with a section explaining why it’s best to eat all natural food without artificial flavours or additives. It then goes on to discusses the top 20 ingredients such as seeds, nuts, quinoa, oats, coconut oil, cacao, berries, green vegetables, eggs and avocado to name a few! It then lists a whole range of other ingredients that are also great with a little bit of blur explaining what its benefits are; for example under nuts it lists Brazil’s as ‘A fantastic source of mono-saturated fatty acids and selenium. Brazil nuts are great for the hair and skin’.

The next few pages explain the ‘formula’ for making energy bites, breaking down the components in to nuts, dried fruit, powder (e.g. Maca, Baobab), ‘sticky stuff’ such as coconut oil, tahini or honey and the final component being the coating (what the energy ball gets rolled in to finish). The great bit about this is that you can use this formula to go on and create your own recipes/ concoctions! It also has the step by step method for making the bites (for raw recipes),as well as details on soaking ingredients (such as pulses), pre-boiling or cooking and a range of methods for making savoury bites.

The sweet recipes are tropical immune boosters, peanut butter and banana balls, Apple Pie antioxidant bites, fruit and nut, super food granola balls, cranberry and fig spice balls, raw chocolate and avocado and banana recovery ice bites.

The savoury section consists of carrot and beetroot buckwheat balls, pea green high protein munchers, nut and seed nutrient boosters, hemp coated quinoa crunchers, sweet potato chilli bites, broccoli and maca powerhouse balls and kale covered coconut blasts.

Right at the very back is a great little glossary that explains all the ‘nutrition’ terms, such as ‘Amino Acids’ “used in every cell of the body, amino acids are the building blocks for protein and also aid tissue growth and repair”

What I like
This little book is awesome and really worth every penny! It’s an absolute bargain and I think it would make a great gift for both children and adults as the recipes are super tasty and easy to make. Although it’s not specifically paleo it would be easy to tweak many of the recipes to make them so. The weekend I got this book my husband and I whipped up a batch of sweet bites and although they were quite carby I was still able to have a small taste and can vouch for them being really tasty. The recipes we tried were tropical, fruit and nut and the super-food granola balls.

Any Downsides?
The ONLY downside with this book is that it’s not really going to be used much if a person is low carb as many of the recipes contain dried fruit or other ingredients that make them high in carbs. It wouldn’t be impossible to reduce the fruit/ high carb ingredients and do a little subbing (I tried it) but it becomes a bit trickier to get them to stick together and obviously it has an impact on the taste.

Overall I would say that this book has to get 5 stars out of 5!!! YES!! It’s got the gold seal of approval. Although it’s not ideal for low carb and some of the ingredients aren’t paleo, there is plenty of inspiration and the recipes can be tweaked. Its prefect for parents and those wanting to eat clean – you could make a batch of bites and that’s breakfast or snacks sorted for the week! I also like how much information there is in this book – it tells you what foods are good for you without being too complicated or boring.

Energy Bites can be purchased from Amazon for 2.99 (June 2016)

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**The above review is my own personal opinion and I purchased the book myself**


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