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Make use of those recycled glass jars and funk them up with some easy to make labels!

Since going Paleo I’ve been conscious of using plastic tubs and cling film on my food as certain plastics have shown to leak chemicals into the foods. As a result I’ve taken to recycling any glass jars with lids that I come across and using them to keep left overs and homemade sauces in. When using a jar I usually write on some sellotape with a marker and stick it to the lid or the jar so I know what date I made it/ what it is. Being a little OCD it drives me nuts having the peel off the tape each time the jar needs washing out so I’ve decided to make some labels that I can reuse.


Spraying onto Glass
I had purchased some chalkboard labels a few months back but found they were not very hard-wearing so decided to buy some chalkboard spray and try out a few ideas I had. The first idea was spraying the chalkboard spray directly onto the side of the glass jars. I used masking tape to create an oblong shape so that when the tape was removed it would look like a label. This idea did work and the paint stayed on even when I washed them in the sink (after I had allowed the paint to dry). The only down side was that normal chalk didn’t write on it very well so I had to use a chalk pen.

Spraying the Lids
The second idea was to spray the lids of the jars. It worked really well but I found that the writing would rub off when taking the lid on and off. Again this was using normal chalk however when I tried a chalk pen it wasn’t a problem.

Homemade Labels
My final idea was to make labels that I could reuse and replace when they became worn out. I did this using double-sided glue sheets stuck on foil that I sprayed with the chalkboard paint. This was my favourite idea because it meant I could make lots of labels and also keep some aside for when I need them.

Shopping List – what you need
Black chalkboard spray paint (I got mine from Hobbycraft approx £7.99)
Masking tape
Double sided glue sheets (A4 size)
Kitchen foil
Craft knife and mat
Chalk/ chalk pen

Time approximately 30 min – 1 hour


The spray paint didn’t say it was suitable for glass but I didn’t have any problems with it staying on the glass jars.

You can get a variety of coloured chalkboard paints or even make your own (Pinterest has lots of tips/instructions for doing this).

If you decide to use the method where you spray directly onto your glass jars I recommend using gorilla tape or frog tape. It costs more but is so worth it. I bought cheap masking tape and I found it didn’t do such a good job – I was left with imperfect lines / some leakage at the edges.

  1. Method
    Go somewhere with lots of space and a flat surface.
    Take an A4 glue sheet and on one side mark out the lines for your labels with the ruler and pen. You can be more creative and draw shapes etc – it’s really up to you.
  2. Take a large sheet of foil (bigger than the glue sheet) and carefully place it on a dry clean surface.
    Slowly peel the edge of paper off one side of the glue sheet (not the side with your markings on!) and leaving enough foil around the edges, stick the glue sheet to the foil. The excess foil will act as tabs for taping the sheet to the newspaper when spraying so that it doesn’t move about. You may need to use your hand to smooth the glue sheet down.
  3. Spread the newspaper out on a surface/ floor outside (where you are going to carry out the spray painting) and place the glue sheet/foil on top (foil side facing you). Use some masking tape on the edges to tape it in place to keep it from moving as you spray it.
  4. Following the instructions on the can spray the whole of the foil sheet. You may need to do 2-3 coating but make sure you allow each coat to dry thoroughly before you do another one.
    When dry peel off the masking tape and place it onto the cutting mat with the foil facing down (so you can see the paper side and your markings)
  5. carefully using the craft knife and ruler (or scissors if you have made shapes) cut the sheet into labels. And trim off the excess foil from the edges. Be careful not to press too hard or the foil on the reverse might tear.
  6. Your labels are now ready to be used or kept for later.
  7. Make sure your jars (or whatever you are sticking your labels to) have a clean and dry surface before applying. Peel off the paper side, stick to the surface and smooth over with your finger.
  8. Use chalk or a chalk pen to write on it.

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