I love bulletproof coffee – it’s the first thing I have each morning. I cannot thank enough the master and creator of ‘Bulletproof’ Coffee – Mr Dave Asprey. His website ‘The bulletproof Executive‘ will tell you all you need to know about the how’s, whys and health benefits of drinking your coffee this way. Technically bulletproof coffee should not contain any sweeteners so omit if you’re seriously strict. I made this with erythritol but it was so sweet that I’ll be making it without next time.

If you’re breast-feeding or pregnant you’ll need to skip this recipe completely as it contains raw egg which has a slight risk of salmonella – sorry guys!

To help cut the risk of salmonella there are two rules you should follow. Firstly make sure you buy your eggs from a reputable seller (large supermarkets) and make sure they have the red lion stamped on the shell. Secondly when using raw eggs make sure the egg doesn’t touch the outside of the shell. The easiest way to do this is to crack the egg into a bowl, then with clean hands, use your fingers to separate the yolk.

2 tbsp coconut milk (I use 1 tbsp liquid and 1 tbsp cream)
1 mug filtered coffee
1 tbsp gelatine powder (I use Great Lakes)
1 tbsp erythritol – optional
1 tbsp ghee (I used homemade vanilla infused – can be omitted, if so use coconut oil or extra coconut milk)
1 tsp MCT oil
1/4 tsp vanilla bean (could use cinnamon)
1 medium egg yolk
4 ice cubes

*** the egg yolk is what helps emulsify the oil and water mixture.


  1. Make the coffee and leave to cool
  2. When cool, place all the other ingredients into a liquidiser and pour in the coffee. Blitz until combined
  3. Add in the ice cubes, blitz again then serve and enjoy

A note about ghee:- Homemade ghee is said to be approximately 98% dairy free whereas shop bought is much closer to the 100% mark. If you are severely dairy intolerant I would suggest avoiding it and subbing it for something else such as coconut oil. Just remember whatever you use in place of the ghee may affect the taste.


2 comments on “Iced Bulletproof Coffee

  • Just curious – if it’s safe to eat the egg whole, would it be acceptable to just drop the entire egg in? How does this affect the texture?

    • Hi Annabelle
      I haven’t personally tried it with a whole egg but it is do-able. It still has a risk the same as eating the egg yolk, so just be careful when cracking the egg open. Another tip is to keep your eggs refrigerated as it helps kill off any bacteria. I don’t think it’ll make much difference to the texture – possibly just some extra creaminess. I’ve got a recipe in a cooking app that uses whole eggs in a cold drink. I only used the yolk as it suggested so on the bulletproof website. When it worked I just decided to stick with it that way. The main difference is the extra nutrients it will add – so if you’re also keto, you need to factor them in. I hope that helps x

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