Memory Jars - can be filled with trinkets, poems or even treats such as chocolate or homemade sweets.

Memory Jars – can be filled with trinkets, poems or even treats such as chocolate or homemade sweets.

Whether it’s for christmas, a birthday or another special occasion these ‘Memory Jars’ are so easy to make. You can fill and decorate them with as little or as much as you like. I made one for my husband for our first wedding anniversary and filled it with ‘promises’ – little notes of days out/ places I wanted us to visit.

The original idea is that the jar is used to collect memories in such as ticket stubs to concerts you’ve been to, love notes given to each other or any other little trinkets that you acquire throughout your journey together. Whether it’s for a loved one or a friend, you can add details to the jar that represent what that person means to you.

Materials Needed
Glass jar – (recycled)
Black chalk spray paint (optional)
Outline stickers
Note papers (optional)
Fillings such as sweets/ nuts/ chocolate (optional)


  1. If you are recycling your jar from an old nut butter / jam jar, then give it a good wash with some liquid and a sponge.
  2. Once dry, decide whether you are going to spray the lid. I spray paint all jar lids (see my post here) with chalkboard spray paint so that I can write on them with chalk (as I use them to store left over food in). However, it is optional and you can skip this step. Alternately you can choose to spray paint the lid any colour you like, It all depends on whether there is any writing on it that you might want to cover. If you have a sticker big enough to cover the lid, you can do that instead.
    As my lid was already spray painted, I chose to use outline stickers to add some detail on the top.
  3. Using gems, stickers or whatever you like, decorate the jar. I used black outline stickers that I had in my craft trolley – I kept it simple with a few stars, words and candy cane. See diagram 1.
  4. Wrap some ribbon around the neck of the jar and tie into a bow. Trim the ends if needed and to prevent them from fraying, you can gently burn the ends with a lighter. ** Be careful ** when doing this so that you don’t burn yourself or set fire to anything! The best option would be to do it next to the sink!

    Diagram 2

    Diagram 2 – Adding ribbon and the label

  5. Making your label:- I had some pre-made cardboard labels which I chose to keep plain and decorated with outline stickers and gems. I trimmed it down to size and tied the string round the neck of the glass jar, wrapping the ribbon over the top to hide the string. See diagram 2
  6. Filling:- If you chose to write notes, love poems, ‘promises’ or anything else, ideally chose some pretty paper to write it on. I bought a mini note pad from hobby craft as the pages were just the right size.
    If choosing to fill with treats, this can be sweets, chocolate, nuts or even homemade goodies such as cookies or truffles. See diagram 3.
Diagram 3 - Filling the jar

Diagram 3 – Filling the jar

There you have it – a simple but effective gift idea that you can personalise however you like.


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