This isn’t much of a recipe but I’m still sharing because it always helps to have a recipe work from when you’re new to a way of eating. It could even give you the inspiration to go on and make other things with the same or similar ingredients.

AIP notes
On the autoimmune protocol (AIP diet) some people remove coconut products from their diet initially as they may be super sensitive to them. Most people tend to find that coconut oil seems to be exempt from this list and well tolerated* even for those with a sensitivity to other coconut products . However if you are cutting out coconut oil and coconut butter then you could try using ghee in place of them – if this is also out for you then you may have to skip this recipe altogether and consider making your treats with gelatine!

*based on what I have read and also suggested in The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne!

I have used freeze dried strawberries in the recipe because they are quite sweet so you don’t need much. You can use other freeze dried fruits but just check that they are AIP and low FODMAPs compliment; you will also need to check the macros for the amount you use as some dried fruits can be higher in carbs than others.

I also used fresh fruit in these fat bombs just to give them a ‘treat’ kind of feel as well as extra taste and texture. I have tried blueberries, raspberries and strawberries – all work really well and you don’t need much which is great for keeping the carbs down.

Additional notes
The protein in these fat bombs is very minimal but if you wanted to increase it a little you could add in some collagen or protein powder.

These macros are based on using freeze dried strawberries and 36 grams of blueberries. I managed to get two berries in each cup.

Total carb 3.3g
Fiber 1.4g
Net carbs 2g
Protein 0.56
Fat 12.3g
Kcals 119


If you wanted to use fresh strawberries in place of blueberries then use 45g of strawberry and chop them into small slices or pieces (I used slices).

Total carbs 3.2g
Fiber 1.4g
Net carbs 1.8g
Protein 0.57g
Fat 12.3g
Kcals 118

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AIP Low FODMAP and Ketogenic Strawberry Fat Bombs
These easy to make fat bombs are super tasty and treat like. You can change the type of fruits used to suit your taste buds. They make 12 'cups' but you could always make them bigger or smaller to suit your preferences, just remember to adjust the macros.
Course Sweets
Cuisine English
Prep Time 10 Min
Passive Time 10 Min
Course Sweets
Cuisine English
Prep Time 10 Min
Passive Time 10 Min
  1. If your coconut butter is quite hard then place the jar or packet (still sealed) in a jug and pour over some boiling water. It should only take about 5 minutes for the butter to soften. When melted, using tongs or an oven glove take the jar/ packet out when melted and its ready to use!
  2. Melt the coconut oil (or ghee if using this instead) either by the method mentioned above or by placing some oil in a dish and heating in the microwave. Pour into a bowl, add the coconut butter and stir together.
  3. Take the packet of freeze dried fruit and using a rolling pin gently crush the fruit until it's all powdery and crumbly (the packet will go flat).
  4. Pour the powder and crumbly pieces into the coconut oil mixture and stir to combine. (If adding in collagen or protein powder, add that in here too).
  5. Take 12 silicon muffin cups and place on a tray or plate.
  6. Place 2 blueberries in each cup or a tsp of mixed chopped fruit.
  7. Pour a tbsp of the coconut mixture over the fruit in each muffin cup. Once every cup has had a tbsp poured in, use a teaspoon and continue to divide the mixture between the cups. You should get a 1 tbsp + 1 tsp on each cup.
  8. Once the mixture is used up, place the tray into the freezer or fridge and wait 10 minutes for them to harden.
  9. Once hard pop the bombs it of their moulds and place in a food container or food bag. Keep in the fridge and take out when you want on.
  10. Enjoy!

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