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Ok, so I have to start by giving credit where it’s due for this recipe because it’s actually adapted from Martina’s ‘French Bun’ recipe on the Keto Diet App. The app is available for both iOS and Android and I highly recommend it. It allows you to add in what foods you eat daily, in order to keep track of your macros; what’s more it includes 80 recipes. There are additional recipe bundles that you can purchase within the app if you want them. I purchased all bundles and it’s been one of the best decisions I made as its great for inspiration, meal planning and keeping food exciting.

Although I’ve been paleo for well over 2 and a half years (and low carb for most of that), bread has never been something I’ve missed. I have tried paleo and low carb breads but they just leave me feeling heavy, sick and I physically find it all to stodgy and difficult to swallow. So when I first made Martina’s recipe I was excited because the buns were light, fluffy and not at all stodgy. I began making them and having them with a few warmed berries, before trying them with bacon. Although they were a hit, for some reason I just forgot about them and that was that – until recently!

For those of you who are regulars to my blog, you’ll know that Mr Noodlechips isn’t 100% paleo, but recently he decided to stop eating bread as he found it was making him cough a lot. As he’s a lover of bacon sandwiches I decided it would be worth making the bun recipe but tweaking it to be more savoury and ‘bread’ shaped. The first batch turned out perfect (I just omitted the sweetener and added extra salt), but since then I have made a few more batches, adding some seasoning to help make them more savoury.

bagels and buns (7)
I have included photos of both buns and ‘bread’ for this recipe because they are both great but the sandwich bread is my absolute favourite. I have also added in links to the cookware that I used so that you can see what kind of tray/ moulds you will need.

For buns I used Lakeland ‘Doughnut moulds’ mainly because I wanted bun shapes big enough for a filling and because I also wanted to make bagels too. The buns are a great size but they may be a little small for burgers (but you could easily make your burgers smaller to fit, if you’re making them yourself). The sandwich bread is really easy to make, all you need is a baking tray, dish or silicon mould that would give you 4 equal pieces (ideally squares) when cut. The tricky part is slicing it through the middle so that each square becomes a top and a bottom. The trick is to use a really long knife, hold your less dominant hand on the top and use your dominate hand to cut through (horizontally) so that you end up with a ‘top’ piece and a ‘bottom’ piece.

Lake Lands Doughnut making ‘kit’ consists of 8 silicon moulds. Four of the moulds are round and bun shaped and the others are shaped for making doughnuts or bagels with the middle piece missing (creating the hole). There is a metal cutter included in the pack for using with dough. I purchased this kit for £7.99* (Plus £3.49 p&p).

The silicon baking tray was £7.42* from Amazon and measures 22.5 x 21cm/9″ x 8″. It’s currently out of stock from the seller that I purchased it from, but there are other companies who do have stock available – just search ‘silicon baking tray’. It is really useful as it can also be used to make things like protein bars, bounty bar bites, brownies or even pizza bases.

doughnut kit


For more paleo and ketogenic recipes head over to Martina’s blog where you will find a whole range of sweet and savoury dishes to choose from; you can also check out my review of Martina’s ‘The Ketodiet Cookbook’. I also highly recommend the keto diet app available on both Apple and android which I will be writing a review for within the next few weeks.

Based on the ingredients listed below (whole flaxeeds for topping) and making 4 servings (4 buns or 4 sandwiches) the macros are as follows :-

Total Carbs 5.6g
Fiber 3.9
Net Carbs 1.9g
Protein 9.5g
Fat 9.6g
Kcals 149

*Prices are correct June 2016

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Low Carb Paleo Sandwich Bread
Light and fluffy low carb sandwich bread. It can be made into buns if you prefer, add some seeds for a crunchier texture or for a Mediterranean taste try adding in some mixed hers and finely chopped sun dried tomatoes!
Course Side
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 25
Course Side
Prep Time 10
Cook Time 25
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 175'C (347' F). If using a baking tray, line with grease proof paper. (if using a silicon baking tray or doughnut molds you don't need to worry about this).
  2. In a bowl, measure out the coconut flour, ground flaxseed, the spices, the bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar. Stir to combine.
  3. In a separate bowl place the egg whites and add a pinch of salt. Using an electric whisk whip the egg whites until they form stiff peaks (they will look a little like thick whipped cream).
  4. When the egg whites are thick and fluffy, add in the egg yolks , ideally at the edge of the bowl so you don't deflate the egg whites. Using a spatula fold the mixture to combine.
  5. Add the dry mixture (ground flaxseed/ spices etc) and continue to fold until the mixture has completely combined. Be careful not to deflate the egg whites.
  6. Spoon the mixture into a baking tray or silicone mold for flat sandwich bread. Use the spatula or the back of a spoon to smooth it out. For buns spoon about 2 heaped tablespoons into doughnut or bun molds.
  7. Sprinkle the whole flaxseeds or sesame seeds over the top of the buns/ sandwich bread. Place in the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes (the sandwich bread takes slightly less time to cook).
  8. Once cooked remove from the oven and turn them out from their molds / baking tray on to a wire rack to cool.
  9. Buns : Once cooled slice through the middle horizontally to make each bun a top and bottom.
  10. Sandwich bread : Cut the bread into 4 equal squares. Then take each piece and place on a flat surface. Hold your hand flat on the top and using a knife, carefully cut horizontally through the bread so that you are left with a top piece and a bottom piece. Repeat for all slices (you will have 8 slices in total - 4 tops and 4 bottoms).
  11. To store keep in an air tight container somewhere dry. They will last up to 4 days.
Recipe Notes

If you wanted to add a bit of texture to the bread slices or buns you could add some seeds into the batter when you are combining all the ingredients together.

For a more Mediterranean flavour you could add 1 tsp of mixed dried herbs and some dried finely chopped sun dried tomatoes.

You can also double the recipe and cook it in a loaf tin, it takes approximately 30-35 minutes to cook but the slices are not very big as it doesn't rise during baking.


2 comments on “Low Carb Paleo Sandwich Bread

  • I made it as a small bread and loved it. I think I would have liked it even more when a slice, like on your photo’s. My question is, how many can you eat of it and still have weightloss?
    Thanks in advance, Simone Schell. (I did Paleo for almost a year, lost 10 kg. and started now a more or less ketodiet. My problem stays -how much can I eat? to get of the plateau.?)

    • Thank you so much for commenting Simone, I am so glad you liked it! I usually only allow myself two slices a day (One sandwich – which is what the macros are based on). But it would depend really on your macros and daily food types. If you are struggling with a plateau you can try a fat fast or a normal fast (no food for about 15+ hours). I personally do Keto for managing a health condition so weight loss isn’t really my area. However If you wanted to know more details on fat fasting you could check out Martinas Blog (The keto diet app), as she has tons of info on fasting. Some people find lowering their carbs even further for a few days can help kick their body out of a plateau. Other people find a fat fast does it for them. I hope that helps? Emma x

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