Stuffed Dates
Stuffed medjool dates with a creamy nutty filling, coated in dark chocolate. Can be made nut free too! Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, egg free.
Servings Prep Time
16Dates 20
Passive Time
Servings Prep Time
16Dates 20
Passive Time
Making the Stuffing
  1. To make the stuffing you need to place the desiccated coconut (you can use flaked coconut too), into a blender and blitz until it becomes a paste.
  2. Once the coconut is paste like, add in the nut butter, vanilla and coconut oil (melted) and blitz until combined
  3. Using a knife, carefully cut open (but not completely in half) the medjool dates removing any stones or pips. (The dates should be able to open an close like a book).
  4. Line a tray or plate with some foil or a silicon mat and place the medjool dates on to it.
  5. Take one date at a time and using a teaspoon, scoop some of the mixture and stuff it into the middle of the date. Place back onto the plate/ tray and continue until all of the dates are filled.
  6. Place the dates in the fridge to chill while you melt the chocolate (or make the chocolate if you are making your own)
Coating the Dates
  1. If you are using chocolate bought from the shop, you need to melt it to coat the dates with. To do this fill a saucepan with water and bring to the boil. Once it is boiling turn the heat as low as it will go and place a dish over the pan (the dish should be just a little bigger than the pan so that it sits above the water line).
  2. Break the chocolate into squares and place into the dish, stirring occasionally to help melt the chocolate
  3. Once the chocolate is melted, turn of the heat and then taking one date at a time, coat them in chocolate. It helps to use either toothpicks or two forks to roll the dates in the chocolate and then fish them out, placing back onto the plate or tray for them to set.
  4. Once all the dates have been coated, place them back into the fridge to chill. They should set in about 30- 40 minutes.
  5. For decoration purposes you can always drizzle some left over chocolate onto the dates once they have cooled. I did this using 80% chocolate.
  6. Keep in the fridge for up to 5 days (they can last longer), or freeze them. I freeze batches and take out what i want to eat, each day. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

You can make homemade chocolate if you don’t want to use shop bought. Its fairly easy to make, here is a link to a simple recipe on Tabithas Edit (previously Tabithas Kitchen).

You can use desiccated coconut or flaked coconut – I have used both kinds when making this recipe and both work well.

Nuts, seeds or other – If you don’t like or can’t use nuts then seed butter is a great substitute, however for those who can’t use seeds either try using tigernut butter. Idont know if its available to buy, but i have made my own. To find out how to make it, try Emma’s recipe on her blog The Nourished Coeliac.

To coat or not to coat?
You can chose not to coat your dates and leave them plain. They still taste really nice, the chocolate just adds a bit of luxury making them feel more like a ‘treat’.