Google plus Recipes for Emma is pretty much ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ – recipes… you guessed it… for me (whoopie!)

After a conversation about the huge list of foods I’m intolerant to, a fellow google plusser (shout out to Gill Andrews) suggested putting a call out to all cooks, bloggers and alike to find some tasty meals that I could prepare without having to search the World Wide Web (which can be really difficult when there are so many foods that I am intolerant to). I sent a list of all the foods that I can and can’t eat to Gill who created a short post describing my predicament and kindly spread the word. To help filter posts out on google, Gill hash tagged it ‘recipes for Emma’ – to check out the original post on google plus click here.

Recipes for Emma

The response was pretty damn amazing and I’ve slowly been working my way through them ever since. Over the new few weeks I will be posting the recipes that are my favourite, with any slight adaptions I have made, photos and links to blogs they are from.

I have to say a HUGE thank you Gill Andrews who took time out of her hectic schedule to pull all this together. I also want to thank everyone who took the time to respond and sent recipes. It may sound like a simple task, but scrolling through recipe after recipe, trying to find one that is compatible (or easily tweaked) is no mean feat!

To find out more about these tasty recipes I have been trying, keep a watchful eye on Noodlechips or subscribe to receive an email when a new post is out!

Update 2015
Just a few months after I began trying the recipes that I had recieved through #RecipesForEmma, my specialist tweaked my diet even further – putting me on whats known as a ketogenic diet. In addition to this I suffered from an additional number of symptoms with my health, which meant I had to tweak my diet even further (nightmare!). As a result I am still (yes, STILL) working my way through the list of recipes that I was given. As I work my way through them, I will be posting photos and posts on my Google+ page so that I can share my experiences with those who nominated recipes – check out my Google+ profile here to findout more.


4 comments on “Recipes for Emma

  • ‘What a really nice thing to do, Gill Andrews. I was recently diagnosed as being a type 2 diabetic and so now have to be careful what I eat. It can be mind numbingly tedious having to read labels and recipes to make sure they are suitable. With your condition being ten times worse I don’t know how you cope so when someone like Gill does something to help it must be great. Restores one’s faith in humankind.’

    • You’re so right Chris – it really gave me a tingly-happy feeling when Gill put the post out, then when all the replies came in I was just so overwhelmed. Even now I still get the odd recipe and people are telling me they have saved my yes-no list! I really feel like I’ve made some great friends through google plus and this proves me right! Any special diet can be tricky though and I count myself lucky that I’m not allergic to foods (e.g anaphylactic shock) but even diabetes would scare me senseless so I really hope you manage to find some/any of the recipes useful

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