Let me begin by telling you a little about the You StreamZ medical band. I came across it last April- May on Pinterest. I had heard of magnetic bands before (such as copper bracelets), but this was described as much more than that, so I took a look at their website. streamz-global.com You StreamZ described… Read More

Ive always been someone who’s organised and my kitchen is no exception. Below are a number of tips on tricky foods, labelling and storage, freezing items and useful cooking utensils. Peeling an avocado The first time I peeled an avocado, I did it with a potato peeler and made quite a mess! After a number… Read More

Can it be frozen? Ever wondered if you could just freeze all the extra stuff that you buy in a big shop, but when you get home, it doesn’t fit in the fridge or cupboards. Like the ‘free’ items you get with the special offers such as buy one get one free. You know, the… Read More

It’s getting close to christmas and I’ve been meaning to write a review on this app for a while, so I thought this would be the prefect timing. In September a friend of mine sent me a gift using Parcelgenie (Parcel genie) and I really (and I mean, REALLY) liked it. It wasn’t expensive, massive… Read More