Paleo For the last 9 months I’ve been following a stone age diet (very similar to a paleo diet)¬†and its something I’ve really began to enjoy. I love knowing what’s in my food and trying different takes on standard recipes, not to mention the feeling I get when someone comments on how much they enjoyed… Read More

  This tasty dish is part of the ‘Recipes For Emma‘ series and if you want to know more about it you can click here, however if you’re in a rush you can skip it and scroll on down to the recipe. Salt and pepper shrimp is a dish taken from Sam Chao’s blog “Scrumptious… Read More

My reason for following a Stone Age Diet is due to a health condition and intolerances, these changes will have to be lifelong. So, with this in mind, I did a little research into making my own stock, because so many recipes, such as soups, sauces and gravy, call for the use of it. After… Read More