Everything you need to know… Ok, firstly I have to confess, this is not EVERYTHING you need to know about Chronic Lyme disease, but it’s close-a-bloody-enough! If you have just been diagnosed, know someone who has been diagnosed or think you may be suffering from it, then this article will help you. It explains… Read More

If you’ve never heard of Kefir, then don’t worry, because neither had I until it was recommended to me. To sum it up, it’s a kind of yogurt, with high levels of good bacteria, which is great for those who need to boost their immune system or for those who suffer from digestive problems. It’s… Read More

So, it’s finally February, the new year is settled in and chances are, you may have already given up on your new years resolution. If you haven’t, but are finding it difficult then here are some of my own personal tips and ideas for helping you to stay on track. If you’ve already given up,… Read More

If you are lucky enough to have never experienced a cold sore, this article will probably be something that you will just pass by and most likely never give a second thought to. However if you are one of the 1 in 5 (UK stats) who does suffer from cold sores, chances are you will… Read More