Ok so first of all I have to point out that you may be offended by the post you’re about to read … Then again, as it’s aimed at the ‘normal’ people in this world (a’hem – most of the population) so it really shouldnt, but if it does – Hey, I did warn… Read More

Baked Salmon in Tomatoes
I hate to admit, I’m not a huge fish fan but this baked salmon dish in tomatoes is so super tasty that I actually ENOY it… Yep … Mini celebration dance, it’s up there with my favourite dishes (and did I mention it’s FISH! Wow, now there’s a first!) … Read More

Paleo For the last 9 months I’ve been following a stone age diet (very similar to a paleo diet)¬†and its something I’ve really began to enjoy. I love knowing what’s in my food and trying different takes on standard recipes, not to mention the feeling I get when someone comments on how much they enjoyed… Read More

So, it’s finally February, the new year is settled in and chances are, you may have already given up on your new years resolution. If you haven’t, but are finding it difficult then here are some of my own personal tips and ideas for helping you to stay on track. If you’ve already given up,… Read More

The Stone Age diet, is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet or the hunter gatherer diet but is most popularly know today as the ‘Paleo diet’ (abbreviated from the word Palaeolithic). It’s based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that hominid species would have consumed about 2.5 million years ago,… Read More

Dry body brushing, (if you haven’t heard of it), is simply exactly what it says on the tin – it’s dry brushing (your body) with a brush. You only have to type it into a search engine to see that it’s posted all over the internet. It’s often talked about in fashion magazines, usually when… Read More