Hello there!

Haha. That phrase gets me every time. Why, I hear you say? Well, because when I read it, I say it out loud in my head in an Irish accent.

Firstly, because I just love the Irish accent, but also because my husband has a brilliant talent for mimicking accents and usually greets me with a “hello d’er sausage”, and this phrase reminds me of him!

I suppose you’re wondering who this crazy rambling fool is.

That would be me, Emma, a.k.a Noodlechips from the (not so sunny) Midlands, England, UK.

In October 2013, I embarked on a journey to improve my health.

You see, I suffer from something called Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E.) which is sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Don’t be alarmed if you have never heard of this. Neither have I until I was diagnosed.

It’s a quite complicated condition, as there is still little known about it. Those of you who are familiar with it know just how difficult it is to live with.

Being limited health wise can be frustrating.

I rarely go out or socialize, so I decided to put what little energy I have into this blog, which gives me a voice and an outlet.
Battling a chronic health condition is by no means easy and although I try not to dwell on it when writing my blog NONE of this would be possible without the support and help of my awesome husband!

After a year or so of battling with health issues, I was diagnosed in 2009 with M.E.

As a result, I had to take control of my health and, through trial and error, find ways to cope with the various symptoms.
I’ve gathered a whole load of information about health and well-being and discovered a lot about myself in the process.
But although it sounds like that sometimes, I’m not on my way to recovery yet. I would say that this is just the beginning of my journey.

This blog is a way of sharing the health and wellbeing information I gather along the way, and it is also a diary of my continued journey to finding good health.

But you don’t have to be ill or suffering from M.E. to enjoy it. It can be very useful to those with allergies or intolerances, as it has tons of free-from recipes – yay!

Also, I love finding out new ways to live healthy and trying new things to improve my well-being. You’ll find my posts about things like that in the Health and Wellbeing section of my blog.

My husband often shakes his head at me in despair because I have my head in the clouds or drift off in the middle of a sentence and randomly change the subject with the words “ooh while I think about it”

In fact recently, I saw a post on Pinterest that said “If I had a dollar for every time I..oh squirrels!”. This pretty much sums me up.

I have this crazy ability to wander off subject or start talking about something so random that I decided to have a section on my blog called ‘Useful Stuff’. This is where I post all the posts that are random but things I think are useful.

Ok, it’s almost time for me to stop waffling and allow you to get on and check out the rest of my blog. But before you go I want to point out something that you may have already picked up: My blog’s name, Noodlechips.

You may wonder why a health and well-being related blog would choose such an unhealthy name, and you would be quite right to do so.

But actually the name Noodlechips is not related to food. It’s related to me. It’s one of many pet names my husband calls me (they are mostly food related; not sure what that says about me!).

I thought that calling my blog after my actual name would be boring. So I thought about my nicknames, and Noodlechips sounded short, sweet and catchy.

But now, just after I’ve told you this I’ve actually realised that it IS related to health and well-being!

How, I hear you ask? Well, because noodles are a healthy food choice. And chips, although not so healthy, are not bad for you when eaten in moderation. It’s all about balance!

A good, healthy and happy life is about balance.

Now before I sign off I want to give you a heads up: I always try to post as often as possible and will always reply to any comments or questions that I get.

However, as my health is up and down I don’t always have the energy to blog and I also rely heavily on my husband to help me when I do blog.

Which means that posts may be haphazard, responses may take a few days and there will most likely be periods when I am very quiet.
So please bear with me.

This blog is my hobby. It helps me feel “normal” and gives me an outlet. It just has to be “as” and “when”.
Peace out!

Emma Noodlechips <3

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  • Hi Emma good to read your blog. I have ME too and Lyme and have tried all sorts of diets but think the autoimmune paleo will cut the mustard. I was following Terry Wahl’s but now have found paleo mom aka Sarah Ballantine and it us much stricter to heal severe leaky gut and no chocolate at more sob! and that is raw organic home made with coconut nectar! Will be following you x

    • Hi Brenda
      Thank you so much for commenting. I’m sorry to hear that you too are battling ME and Lyme, it can be really frustrating finding Something that helps. I too love Sarah Ballantine too (aka the paleo mom), she really explains the science behind the paleo way of eating. I don’t eat very much chocolate but haven’t given it up just yet – I would consider it if I had to, for now I stick to 85% or I buy from paleo chocolate companies (Aynichocolate.co.uk is a fabulous place to try!). I hope you enjoy following me.
      Emma xx

  • Hi Emma, this is Teresa from the Paleo/whole30 group. I am going to follow your blogging! I find you inspiring! I have never been one to have any issues with good except onions! I just might be allergic. I’ve taken food for granted. I had been eating whatever I want for the past 3-4 years. Gained 30 pounds and had been feeling like I’m 60 when I’m only going to 40 in August. Since starting this paleo/whole30, I’m my old youthful self again! I still am in awe over how bad I was feeling all from food! So, I want to continue reading about you and this journey that you are on! Best wishes to you!!!! I hope you find some resolution! Big hugs!

    • Hi Teresa, thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to take a look at my blog! Just like you – I never thought that food was a problem until I switched to a paleo diet. Eating paleo has helped improve some of my symptoms such as less pain, cold sores, ulcers and colds. I still suffer terribly with fatigue and brain fog but that’s down to fermenting gut which I’ve just been diagnosed with. The improvements may only be small but they are well worth it and I’ll comtinue to share my journey. Em x x

  • “The Wahls protocol ” is a book by Dr. Terry Wahls . She is in remission from MS. Brought herself out of a wheel chair . You may benefit from her knowledge. She had also been on TED talks on the internet . Google her to watch. Hoping the best for you.

    • Hi Lynn, thank you for posting and the kind well wishes. I have recently found out about Terry Wahls and have heard good things – i’ve got her book on my christmas list! I follow her on facebook as she seems to have a lot of positive feedback from people following her diet. Im actually booked in to watch her webinare tomorrow (28th October), hopefully i’ll be able to pick up some gems of information. X

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